Unnecessary Miracles….




What if…

there are only so many miracles on this earth?

Like the beat of your heart,

from the time of your birth…

…and since I’m asking,

what about bombs,

unlimited with endless supply?

Or will they banned from the clouds and  the sky?

Today I watched a video on the book of the faces..

…in it I saw the horror of races,

Right there.. …in the spot where a bomb reached its zenith,

was a pile of rubble, with someone  beneath it.

Apropos would be an”X” on that spot,

for the treasure below was the life of a Tot.

As the story goes,

heard from below…

…a crying, muted, in whispers of woe.

The men in the video were broken

and hurt,

yet bare hands and bloody fingers,

tore at the dirt,

The large stones in the pile seemed to just rise from their hearts,

then the ground once clenched…

…now twain-ed apart.

Forever it seamed as they scrambled and drilled,

for it wouldn’t be long ’till the infant was killed.

In a flurry of dust an elbow appeared,

next was a shoulder,

then a forehead ,ear.

Tiny and lifeless was the lips of this child,

while strangers shared their breath,

gently and mild.

Next came a pick-ax for leverage and pull,

hastened by fear the clustered hands culled.

From the breath he revived….

… and with the hands of a doll he rubbed grit from his eyes.

Came then was a miracle,

The boy is alert,

clothed in confusion,

cement dust and dirt.

Men crying to heaven was not at all odd.

For this we are thankful, they did cheer to God.

There are men who make bombs and drop them on us…

…and those who scratch rubble, as they spit and they cuss,

If miracles are numbered and there’s only so few.  Then bombs will deplete them…

…this they tragically do.

So I call to the sky,  “Take back all your bombs!”

We’ll stop all our pleading in prayers and songs.

Then no more will miracles be wasted and lost,

and destruction and death will not be the cost…










One Response to “Unnecessary Miracles….”

  1. I hope my miracles have not run out.

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