Insatiable… …a Lust Poem

i nsatable

I see you standing on the corner,

I’m watching every move you make.

Your pants are made of leather

And your fingernails are fake.

You sport a gold ring in your navel,

A swear word on your lips.

You lay the money on the table

And put your hands upon your hips.

Acting out the script,

You really nailed the role


bloodied up the pages

When you paper-cut my soul.

Please take me to your leader,

And authorize my fate.

Hot cauterized my bleeder

My needs you satiate.

Your hair is all on fire

Still you draw a fleshy breath

I hear the voices of the choir

As they sing me to my death.

You put your arms around me

Then you give my soul a squeeze

The fumes rise off your body

And it drops me to my knees.

They say there is a cost

That I would have to pay

I must die upon your cross,

Then you’ll come out to play.

From the inside of my shirt

Where I used to keep your locket,

And as I watch you flirt,

I pull a spike out of my pocket…


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