Fabby Freak…

Complete process can be seen at this link. “Lord of the Things”


9 Responses to “Fabby Freak…”

  1. Wow! Only the top photo was visible when I was tag surfing “art” and I thought “oh, a woodworker?” thinking perhaps you made it… photo 2 was “huh?” and photos 3+ just blew my mind. The transformation from wall shelf thingy to art is fabulous!

  2. Heh heh… kinda cool huh? Thank you


  3. Oh my &@#% God this is an amazing mirror and cool pics man. Seriously how much time is took to make this mirror?

  4. Hi Jones: Thanks for your kind words. A lot of time waiting for stuff to dry, but actual working time was abnout 4 hours?

  5. Wow! Thank you

  6. This is so kick-ass! Would you mind if I re-blogged on my WordPress and Tumblr? Here’s the address so you can decide if I am worthy: http://professorrhadamanthus.wordpress.com/

  7. please do… thank you

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