“Teasing Tilly”

This work is dedicated to a girl that I went to school with in 1965. Tilly is her name and she was terribly shy and was an easy mark for bullies.

I regret to admit that I partook in that wicked practice of

“Teasing Tilly”.

I beg her forgiveness…

I would like to
invite all friends and their guest to my latest showing of art. It is Oct
1st 2010. From 5pm to 9pm at “Angst Gallery” 1015 Main
Street, Vancouver, WA 98660 360.253.1742


4 Responses to ““Teasing Tilly””

  1. What an amazing work! Your post brought up for me two very different personal stories.

    The girl we teased most mercilessly at school was not Tilly but Theresa. We were horrid to her – paying her out about her homemade school uniform and her ‘strawberry blonde’ hair. I found out much later that she had several breakdowns because of the incessant abuse. It literally gives me shivers to think how cruel we were – systematically but thoughtlessly destroying the girl. It just seemed like a bit of fun.

    And at the same time, I thought of Tilly – my lively, crazy, beautiful Queensland friend. She used to do housework in her ball gowns so they wouldn’t moulder away in her closet.

    Quite the juxtaposition, eh?

    Thanks for sharing and helping me feel and remember so intensely this afternoon.

  2. Thank You. That is very kind of you.


  3. This is a very intense piece and when you add the story to it, it develops into something even more complex and emotional. Well done. 🙂

  4. Cool… Thank you.

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