I am a Christmas Clam… Are you one too?

I guess It’s no great revelation when I say the reason most Bloggers blog is because we really want to know if there are more people out there in the world that are just like us. Many blogs follow popular hobbies, sports, politics, and entertainment including an endless list of topics. The people who pen the most popular blogs do; in my opinion, not need the social affirmation that the small blogger like myself seek. Blogs can sell, persuade and convert. Bloggers can induce anger, sympathy and send a readers endorphin glands into a tailspin. Today I just want to know; is there anyone who thinks like me?

In my everyday life, I find many things in common with my work mates and neighbors. I did find one difference. The difference is that I love Christmas Music. I mean I really, really love it. I can fool around in my studio all day long, listening to those familiar carols, and be as happy as a Christmas Clam. Not the clam in the dip at the party table, but a Grandpa clam under the sand at the beach, with it’s family gathered around the Christmas tree with a roaring fire and Christmas music on the Ipod dock.

The other day at work, I started to sing “Silver Bells” and was quickly shut down by a fellow worker. “Oh man; he said don’t start with the Christmas music, I can’t take it”.

In the first part of November, I was driving back home to Battle Ground WA from a job in Spokane WA. (About a six hour drive) While scanning the local radio stations I was thrilled to find an all Christmas Music format. It truly made a portion of my lonely drive pleasant and reflective.

Because of so many family parties to satisfy at Thanksgiving this year, we had a complete Thanksgiving dinner at our home on Saturday; the week after. We called it “Thanksmas”. We also got our Christmas tree on that Saturday. My wife and the Grand kids decorated it beautifully. A few days latter, I realized we had not watered it. So with my Dishnetwork set to an all Christmas Music channel; I filled a picture of water and commenced to crawl under the tree.  It being a good-sized tree I had to stick my face into the branches and stretch my arm to hit the well. The song that was playing at the time was “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” (one of my personal faves)

The very moment I inhaled the sweet Douglas fir fumes I was instantly intoxicated with Christmas endorphins. You know how it is described; that when a person dies they some times see their life flash before their eyes? Well that is what happened to me; except it was scenes of Christmases past, the smell of a new can of Lincoln Logs or the smooth shiny cold feel of a fresh box of Legos. Cold only because they had just come from Santa’s sleigh which was surely parked on our snowy roof. I lay there paralyzed as the song echoed into my childhood. Water spilling down my arm; I nudged my face deeper into the welcoming branches and drew in a larger, deeper breath.  Ahhhh… I exhaled and remembered colorfully lit Nativity scenes with solemn statues in poses of amazement and rows and rows of neighborhoods decked out with twinkling lights.

At the age of 52, it is hared to hold on to those moments and so I was rudely jerked back to the here and now. The music was still on but the song had changed. I thought to myself; “Man, I am a Happy Clam”.

So, am I the only Christmas Clam on the beach?

Tell the truth.

Do you love Christmas Music too?


3 Responses to “I am a Christmas Clam… Are you one too?”

  1. Maestro AL Says:

    Absolutely! I am also in favor of Christmas! I’m a guy, 24 years old, and some of the warmest and most dear memories of my childhood, and of life in general come from the celebrations of Christmas my family had.

    I remember the kind of excitement that came over me when Dad would bring the Christmas tree early in December and how my siblings and I would decorate it with joy. I remember how especially beautiful some of our Christmas toys were – some were generations old, from our Great Grandmother – and we had special reverence for them as they had special meaning and stories with them. Oh, how we awaited in wonder the presents that would appear under the tree on Christmas morn, and savored the wonderful aromas of Mom’s special dishes.

    In fact, it was Mom’s special Christmas cake – made of Creme Brulee spread over crunchy pastry rolls filled with berry preserves – that inspired me to get into dabbling with
    culinary arts myself.

    There is, honestly, not a single negative thing I could recall about Christmas. Instead, I could list so countless little details that made Christmas so dear and special to me – but won’t waste your time and space.

    However, I would like to say that in our family the focus has always been on the Christ in CHRISTmas – and not for some formally religious reasons, either. Don’t think I’m trying to be preachy or “convert” anyone reading this. I just want to say that my life and that of my family have been directly impacted by the person of Jesus Christ. Let me explain: I was born in communist Russia, Soviet Union (which thankfully is no more). And several generations of my predecessors, including my parents suffered various forms of persecution for their faith under that atheist regime. In fact my family’s move to the United States was based solely on our status “Refugees fleeing religious persecution” (granted by U.S. embassy).

    Needless to say, that one move changed the entire course of our lives – a move that was made available because my family refused to stop professing their faith in the person of Jesus Christ and His Word.

    Also believe it or not, even under the communist regime, Christmas trees and lights were put up in all public places – schools, squares, and such – only no mention of God was made – it was all about “Grandpa Frost” – an atheist substitute of Saint Nick – who in folklore was responsible for making snow and icicles, and bringing presents to kids. But most people were still aware of the original cause for the celebration. In fact, the russian word for Christmas was a form of the word “birth” (in russian of course). It can’t be more obvious than that. So the 70 years of communism failed to mask the 20 centuries of previous celebrations.

    So now, it alarms us to see this group of anti-God individuals – who represent a tiny minority, but happen to have made their way into some key positions of society (government, education, businesses) – trying to get rid of all visible and audible forms of Christmas celebration for the rest of us. They even want all of its secular vestiges removed – what even the godless communists didn’t do!

    So to all the happy Christmas Clams out there – Merry Christmas! And I say this without apology to any. Christmas only brings good – and in the very worst case, it does nothing for you. It certainly does not hurt anyone. And as far as “Offend”? People please! Just forget this misused and abused word. Because if we start playing the “offend” legal games then I can make just as big a case against Halloween as those who do against Christmas.

    But there is still a lot of good in this world, and there is still hope for its people. So go and support your local Christmas friendly business. Today I heard “Silent Night” over the speakers at Starbucks. I said to the baristas “Thanks for playing the right kind of music!” and put a green tip in their jar. Sure its a very small message – but if all of us “Happy Christmas Clams” speak up like this – maybe we can enjoy this special season for many more years in the same way we did as children.

    Sorry for rambling. Don’t have the gift of shorthand.

  2. Duke DesRochers Says:

    Hey Maestro AL. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you are a Christmas Clam too. See you at work Sparky.

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