This piece is a tribute to the 1985 adventure movie, “The Goonies.”

Back in 2003 my family and I took a trip to the Oregon coast and when we passed through Astoria we stopped to see the infamous Goonie House.

We walked up the drive like the sign that welcomed all the “Faithful Goonies” asked.

At the top of the driveway we meet the woman who lived there and she invited us in to see the new renovation of the interior. She was very kind and well versed on the home.

I noticed on our way out the old kitchen cabinets on the side of the house and asked if she was sending them to the dump?

When she said that she was; I asked if I could have them?  They were graciously given to me and I strapped them to the top of my 1988 Chevy Suburban.

Well they spent the next few years under plastic behind my barn and when we moved the only thing that wasn’t too water damaged was a cupboard door. I saved it for another two years and finally did this wall hanging.





  1. Cherish DesRochers Says:

    Pretty impressive! You have inspired Brian as well. He is thinking of ideas that you could produce. lol

  2. Duke DesRochers Says:

    Tell me about ’em…

  3. Dude.. that is so ridiculously bad ass I think I just wet my pants.

  4. Duke DesRochers Says:

    Just as I had planned…

  5. Duke DesRochers Says:

    Welcome to all BGAA Folks

  6. This is brilliant. I love the beautiful details. We’re going to have to get you a few lessons on depth of field, cousin. I want to see EVERY detail sharp.

    I love that this is so personal.

  7. Sorry for writing OFF TOPIC but which Word Press template are you using? It’s looking awesome!

  8. Duke DesRochers Says:

    Ulysses Ronquillo

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