Featured on the Blog Herald – I’m Humbled

Oh, my. I hope this all doesn’t go to my head.

My cousin, wrote about me and announced me to the world in “Duke DesRochers: Future Social Media Renaissance Man.”

She had so much fun, she’s also covered my video in her Exploring Social Media Series on the with “Exploring Social Media: Social Means Personal.”

In it, she says:

They key to social media is the personal. It’s about being personable, getting personal, and being a person – a real person.

Duke’s video could have been just like all the rest of the auditions for The Next Food Network Star. He could have dressed up pretty, made something pretty, been wacky and silly, exaggerated and dramatic. Instead, his video works because he is “every man” and we know him. He is our next door neighbor or relative.

And he’s a rule breaker without being a wacko. In the video, he uses common woodworking tools like the lathe and a drill to carve up vegetables into beautiful arrangements and dishes you can eat. He leaves the audience laughing but thinking, “I can do that!”

He’s accessible. He’s real.

Wow, blush, and giggle. I’m just a humble, common man who knows his way around a shop and kitchen and likes to combine the two from time to time.

Thanks, cousin, for the kind words. I hope I can live up to them.


3 Responses to “Featured on the Blog Herald – I’m Humbled”

  1. Super fancy! I can’t wait to hear if you make it to the show! You’ll ‘sock their knocks off’! You’d do really well with your diverse skills. I have watched the past few seasons and thought to myself ‘my dad could do that’. Which in fact, I do believe you could. I hope you become the NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR!!!!!!!

  2. Duke DesRochers Says:

    Would you please be on the judges pannel?

  3. Sure, I would love be with Bobby Flay. He is pretty much our hero in this household. Oh, besides YOU of course!

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